The Next Picasso!

I was trying to think of something to do for my best friend’s birthday and had read about a place in Walnut Creek, CA called Cabernet and Canvas . It’s place where you paint your very own canvas art all while you are sipping wine.  I checked out their website and it was very user friendly.  I clicked on their calendar and was impressed with the paintings that we could possibly learn. I quickly booked our reservation and was excited about the event.

After I registered I called Cabernet and Canvas to get a few more details.  The person that answered the phone was male (Not that it matters, but just wanted to mention it in case he’s reading this) and  answered all my questions in a super friendly tone.  I am huge about good customer service on the phone so I was thrilled with his willingness to help me and loved the place already. I was sold.

The night of the event was super fun!  It was easy to follow, the room was packed which built up excitement, and I was quite impressed with my painting.  My only recommendation was I thought they could have splurged a little on real wine glasses. Plain wine glasses would be fine but it would even be more artistic if they had colorfully painted wine glasses. But no. Our wine was in tiny plastic cups.  Maybe it’s a glass thing, but it just felt cheap. Other than that, it’s a super fun thing to do with friends or even a date.  Look at our finished product!

photo (28)


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