Mendocino Experience – Part 2

Yesterday, I told you how we decided to go to Mendocino last minute and had a wonderful experience with an innkeeper that referred us to the Joshua Grindle House .  To be honest, the price was a lot higher than we had planned on paying but decided to go look at the Joshua Grindle House anyway.

The innkeeper, Cindy, greeted us at the door. She was very nice and I started to let my guard down. She explained that breakfast was included and gave some great recommendations for dinner. She even offered to make the reservations for us.  One of the places she recommended was the 955 Restaurant, which was amazing by the way.  Fresh ingredients, great services, great atmosphere, and I highly recommend it.

After the food recommendations she showed us where breakfast would be and took us to our room.  The room was simple but it had some great perks.  She had music playing for us, a bottle of wine with a little name card by it welcoming us, fireplace, and to-go coffee cups if we wanted to go for a hike. I really like the small touches. She had thought of everything!

The next morning we went to breakfast and she served us an amazing breakfast!  Everything was so fresh.  Cindy chatted with us a little about our day and gave some great recommendations for our drive home.  She mentioned that we had to stop at Jenner and eat at the River’s Inn. This was another amazing restaurant and we were so thankful for Cindy’s recommendation.

I was really impressed with Joshua Grindle Inn. I was so impressed that I didn’t even think of the money we spent.  I loved her customer service, her recommendations, the little touches in the room, and I also loved that we had some privacy.  (Some bed and breakfasts are not private) It was well worth it and a great weekend.


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