Say Cheese

I just had the best experience getting my headshots done that I couldn’t wait until I got home to write about it.  I needed some updated corporate shots and called around to get some recommendations.  I was given the name Lisa Keating Photography in Berkeley, CA by some local theater folks. As soon as I saw her website I knew that was the style I was looking for.  Her photos were clean, professional, and there was something about the style that was me.

I had several questions for Lisa leading up to my session and she answered each and every one of them. I’ve never had anyone do that…answer each and every question.  I wanted her pictures even more because her customer service was so outstanding.  And she never once seemed annoyed at all my questions.

When the day my session arrived I was so excited.  I was greeted by Lisa and her makeup artist, Renee.  Lisa was just finishing up another photo session which I enjoyed watching.  Also, Lisa photographs a lot of Bay Area actors so I kept wondering if I was watching the next Will Smith or Eddie Murphy.

Then it was my time to get my make-up done and her make-up artist was delightful.  When she was done I couldn’t believe how fabulous I looked. (In fact, I went out and bought the same kind of make-up she used).  Lisa helped me choose what shirts would be best and she gave me such great direction.  I am an “eye-closer” with pictures so I was a little worried but the way Lisa helped me relax and smile, worked perfectly.  After a few shots she showed me from the camera what it looked like and I started to cry.  I’ve never looked so beautiful.  Then she wouldn’t show me anymore pictures because she didn’t want me to mess up my make-up. HA!

The whole session was above and beyond what I was expecting.  And that is what a business should be….Above and Beyond what you are expecting.

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