Hours of Operation

I live in a small town and one the frustrations of the small businesses in town are the hours.  There was a certain cafe that my husband and I wanted to eat at but every time we went there, it was closed.  After the third visit and it was closed again, we studied the hours.  They were very limiting…closed on Tuesdays, open 11 – 1:30 one day, open 3 – 6 another day, etc.  The hours were so odd that we finally just gave up. I wondered how many other people came to that restaurant and left because it was closed?  We couldn’t have been the only ones. There had to be $25 – $40 sales walking away after looking at the closed sign.

I would recommend to please have convenient hours. I realize many of the small business owners need to take a day off but I would try to at least keep the hours in a convenient pattern.  For example, Open Tuesday – Sunday 11 – 1 and 4 – 8.  It’s just poor business to expect customers to remember the different hours you are open each day.  Have a convenient schedule for your customers so they don’t have to walk away and then go to a big chain store.  You want to keep your local community coming back to your business and convenient hours will help.

By the way, we did end up catching it open on our fourth try about a month later. It was actually very tasty but no one would know because it’s always closed.


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