Movin’ On Up!

moversRecently I had to move and was dreading it. Moving is one of the top ten things I hate doing.  I always feel bad because when people post on Facebook they need help moving I never post, “I’ll be right over!”

I was thrilled when my husband said we need to hire movers.  We called Metropolitan Movers to get a quote because it was recommended by a neighbor.  One of their representatives, Paula, came over and asked us a few questions and then went through each room. She used a little hand held electronic organizer and punched in each item we wanted to move. But she was quick! And she new her stuff.  At the end she gave us a price and told us what to expect.  She was very kind, not pushy, and we really liked her.  We liked her so much we didn’t even bother calling other moving companies.

When moving day arrived, three men came to our door at the time she had told us, with smiles on their faces.  The lead guy took a look at the whole house to confirm what was being moved and what was staying.  Within minutes they started. I loved that they…

  • Covered the floors with cardboard and a runner
  • They wrapped our furniture so carefully that I felt bad because our furniture is not in good shape. They cared about it more than we did.
  • They moved fast and did it with a smile.
  • They were extremely polite and willing to do almost anything we needed them to do.

When we got to the new place to unload there was a little concern because the new place has lots of stairs.  The movers carefully wrapped the banisters and again covered the floors.  The set up everything and place everything where I told them too….and did it with a smile!  They had been moving things for 6 1/2 hours and I was exhausted. I knew they had to be exhausted too but they never once complained and did everything with joy.   We were so impressed with them, we bought them lunch!  I wished I had the money to give them each a $100 tip!  That’s how much I loved them.

Great job Metropolitan.  From beginning to the end, your whole service was spectacular.  You may never have to advertise because your word-of-mouth advertising will do it for you.


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