Need a Lift?

Sometimes when you write a blog you get to know people more than you want.  You are now going to find out that I recently went bra shopping.

It was time to retire the old bra and get a new one.  You know it’s time when your husband is telling you “You need to go buy a new bra.” Men aren’t really known for their underwear buying. So I made the trip to Victoria’s Secret one Saturday morning.  Now, usually I would go in, try on several bras and an hour later finally make a purchase.  But this time the sales lady had caught me and asked me if I needed help.  So I mentioned to her what I’m looking for and ask her to look at the tag of my bra to see the size.  She kindly did, but said that she should probably measure me.

“Right here?” I said

“Yes, I can do it over your sweater” she said

So she quickly took my measurements. Now I’ve heard that Victoria’s Secret did measurements but I always had shyed away from it.  But it was quick and the sales girl was very professional about it.

She lead me to the dressing room, introduced herself as Stephanie and gave me several sample bras.  Now she was very good at listening to my needs because earlier I had told her that I had a problem with the straps always falling down, so she made sure she was giving me bras that she thought would help with that.

After trying four sample styles on, I found one that I loved! I couldn’t believe how comfy it was (It just goes to show you how uncomfortable my old one was).

Stephanie asked me to get dressed and she would show me where the bra I loved was located in the store.  We picked out two colors and then she handed me a card with my bra size, the style I bought, and her name.

I loved Stephanie!  She was so awesome.  I was done with this whole shopping experience within about 15 minutes and received excellent customer service on top on that.  Great job Victoria’s Secret!  Great job Stephanie.



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