Ho! Ho! Ho!

Christmas shopping gave me a lot of opportunities to evaluate customer service. Overall I was very impressed with the service I was provided.  Most of the stores seemed very prepared for the crowds.  Here are some random thoughts on my experience.

  • JC Penney’s did a great job ringing up my items quickly. They usually had long lines but I wasn’t in a line longer than 5 minutes.  They seemed very prepared for the customers.  They were ready to sell.
  • You would think a store that is ran by young twenty year olds with piercings and multi-colored hair would be a little complacent about customer service, but No!  Hot Topic was one of the best.  Immediately when I walked in the store I was greeted and helped.  They were also ready to sell!
  • I love Amazon.  I’ve had nothing but great experiences ordering through them.  I ordered a few items for Christmas through Amazon and was expecting to wait a week or two to receive the items in the mail because of the Christmas season.  Nope!  I received them all with about 3-4 days.  I love that Amazon is quick and they always seem to have the best prices.

Now after Christmas was a little different.  I had to return a few items at several stores and I really felt like the employees weren’t ready for that. They seemed unsure of the process, took a long time to use the register, and sort of made me feel like I was inconveniencing them.  I realize that a return is not seen in a positive light, but many times I end up buying something else from the store.  I believe a lot of people end up purchasing more than they return so it may be a good teaching opportunity for managers to tell their employees.  Returns can end up being a big sale. Don’t be so quick to frown upon them.

Great job on the pre-Christmas rush!  Maybe a little more customer service on the post-Christmas.


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