Wow em!

I just read the best customer service book and everyone in business should read it.  It’s small and easy to read, but it has a powerful and motivating message.  It’s called The How of WOW! by  John Murphy. This book has ten great tips on creating exemplary customer service.  It’s full of great advice, examples, and quotes.  I loved this line in the book for managers:

The reaction of “wow” is emotional. To really “wow” our customers our own people must feel a sense of “wow.” To accomplish this we must lead with passion and spirit in whatever role we play.

If you really want to motivate yourself and your staff I highly recommend getting this book.  You could even read a chapter a day with your staff and put into practice what you learned that day.  I am even thinking of purchasing these books for colleagues. Even though my colleagues always give exceptional customer service it’s always a good idea to be reminded and be motivated to go above and beyond.  Don’t you want your customers to walk away from your business saying “Wow!



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