A Seven Year Relationship

I tend to not stick with things very long.  I think it’s because I change my mind a lot or I get bored.  This is the exact reason why I have never gotten a tattoo. If I tattooed my skin I know I would change my mind later and wish I gotten a different picture. That would not be good. So my marriage and taking care of my children have been my longest things I have stuck with.

But there is one other thing I have stuck with and it surprises me…It’s my hairstylist.  I have been with her for about seven years and I have been happy with my hair every time I have left the salon! Now she likes change too and likes to move from salon to salon, but I happily follow her.  Besides loving what she does with my hair, I notice that she really makes the appointment special to me.  There are some great customer service tips you can learn from her.

1) She is always happy to see me and ready for me.  Having to wait for her to finish up another client is very rare. She seems to have a good knack for scheduling her clients appropriately.

2) She listens to me.  She always seems to understand what I want and believe me, I always go in wanting something different.  She will always do what I ask and offers a few recommendations.  Even if I want something crazy she’s never made me feel weird about it and always goes along with what I want.

3) She really knows hair.  She keeps up her education and knows the science behind hair, the newest cuts and colors, and the best products to use. We can chat for hours about the newest hair trends and I love chatting about hair!

4) Her whole focus is on me when I’m in the chair.  She never answers her cell phone, she knows how to hold a conversation yet doesn’t yap your ear off, and she really tries to make me feel pampered.

Milinda Awes is a talented stylist.  Check out her website: http://findyourfabulous.com/

Thank you Milinda for making me fabulous!


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