Potty Mouth

I’m not sure how I feel about bathroom attendants.  This surprises me because I’m usually head over heals about exceptional customer service, but this maybe crossing the line.

I recently had to fly to North Carolina for a work trip.  It’s a five hour flight so as can imagine when I landed I headed to the ladies room.  While in the stall I began to hear a woman’s voice greeting people.  There were two entrances so I must have slipped through when she was on the other site. I began to give a sigh of relief that I had missed her and began a panicking thought, “I hope I don’t see her on the way out because I don’t have any money to give her!”  I stayed in the stall a little longer and listened for her voice to get an idea where she was located.  When I noticed she was at the other entrance I quickly slipped out of the stall, washed my hands, and headed out the door. Whew!! Close one! I surprised myself that I was trying so hard to avoid someone that was going out of their way to give excellent customer service and I wondered why I did that.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that tried to avoid her. There are two main reasons why I think it was an awkward situation for me:

1) I didn’t have the money to give her.  I’ve worked jobs that you are very dependent on the tips, so I may be extra sensitive to giving a tip.  I just felt very stressed about not having any money to give her.  I’ve had this happen in other establishments with bathroom attendants such as restaurants.  You’ll have a bathroom attendant standing there with a towel in hand I do everything I can to avoid her because I didn’t bring along cash to use the potty.  If companies want to have a bathroom attendant it might be a good idea to remove the tip jar and just pay them appropriately.

2) I wanted some privacy in the bathroom.  I’m all for giving exceptional customer service but it may be too much in the bathroom or fitting rooms.  It seems uncomfortable to me to have someone waiting for you when you leave the stall right after you have dropped a bomb.  A clean bathroom with all the supplies would still be consider excellent customer service in my book.

Now I do want to emphasize that the bathroom attendant that I encountered in North Carolina was super nice. She was chatting with everyone cheerfully, cleaning up the place, and really was being the best bathroom attendant that you could possibly be. But it still made me uneasy.

Anyone else uneasy with bathroom attendants?


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