Are you’re guests still talking about how awesome you are?

Really love “Inside A Food Service Mind’s” thoughts on creating the guest experience. Think about ways you might be able to go above and beyond for your guests and customers.


Don’t worry about making money. That’s it, that’s the secret.

I had a commission only based sales job and on days that I made a huge sale at the beginning of the day, I had five or six more by the end of the day. On days where no one was buying, and I started realizing that I wasn’t going to make any money that day, I got more desperate and people could sense it so they didn’t buy. My mentality was wrong.. I was focused on the money and my sales pitch changed into almost begging them to buy. Focus on what you can control.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that any sales job should not be looked at on day to day basis. Sales is a roller-coaster, some days great, some days bad. You don’t set goals for each shift, you set weekly or monthly…

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