Please Add Ginkgo to my Shopping List

I am loving my local Safeway’s customer service.  Maybe it’s because they see me there so often, but they always have a cheerfulness and willingness to help. I dig that!

Recently I had a $10 off coupon to use at Safeway and it was expiring that day.  The checker, Danny, rang me up and asked me how my day was going.  We started a conversation about buying buying fruits and vegetables at a local produce stand while he rang up my food.  He was finished my transaction when I blurted out “Oh no!  I forgot to use my $10 coupon!”

“I can still take care of it,” Danny said.  “You want to use it today too because it’s the last day!” Danny said in a kind and encouraging voice.

Danny immediately ran over with cheerfulness and grabbed some sort of card or keys from the manager and gave me my $10.  Never once did he huff and puff or sound irritated that I forgot.  I thanked him over and over and apologized for talking too much and forgetting.  He said it was not a problem at all.

Even though it was my fault for forgetting to present the coupon ahead of time, I really liked how he fixed my problem immediately, quickly, and kindly.  If I was to forget a coupon at another retailer I wondered if the transaction would be easily handled like Safeway.  My guess is probably no and the transaction probably would have had to be re-done.

Thank you Safeway for having such great employees at the Benicia location and having a procedure in place for forgetful people like me.



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