Keep it Clean

When you leave a restaurant should you feel like you need to wash your hands?

That’s how I felt recently when visiting a local pizza place.  Now this particular pizza place caters to children so that may be why it was a little messier than other restaurants but my husband and I went there for lunch on a Tuesday and I don’t think they had cleaned the place up since the Saturday’s birthday parties.  Because I like to keep things positive and helpful, instead of writing everything that was wrong with the place I am going to list some solutions so other pizza places can follow:

1) Wipe off all the dirty finger prints on the glass.  I realize it may have to be done several times a day, but that 5 second wipe down will keep me from imagining a boogery kid touch the glass.

2) Clear the tables quickly so guests can sit down.  It seems awkward to have to walk around 10 tables to look for a table because the empty tables have left over plates with ranch dressing smeared on them from the previous customers.

3) Clean, Clean, Clean. Even if it means you need to shut the place down for a week, which several upscale restaurants do. This will help eliminate funky smells, dust on fixtures, and make your customers feel more confident to eat there.

While the staff was super nice to us, they greeted us immediately when we entered and they all thanked us for coming as we left, the cleanliness of the pizza place overshadowed their friendliness.

Keep it clean.


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