Break a leg!

I may have forgotten to mention this but I recently broke my ankle.  I was jump roping at the gym, tripped, and rolled my ankle. Who knew jump roping was such a dangerous sport!

Anyway, I had to go to a conference and was worried about walking through this large hotel with a cast on my leg.  I can walk a little but my ankle starts to swell up if I’m on it too long, so I rented a scooter. This was a little, one-seat, motorized granny scooter that I rented through a company that the hotel recommended. The scooter was dropped off at the hotel and at first I felt silly but soon realized this scooter was going to be a life saver.

Now today’s blog is not about the scooter company’s customer service or even the hotel, but it’s about how I was treated by people on the scooter.  I was shocked at how many people walked in front of me when they saw me, didn’t help me open doors, or walked around me when I was stuck.  There was one time that there were many people at a cocktail hour and I was stuck in a sea of people. So I just sat there.  No one said anything. No one moved.  This experience has definitely opened my eyes a little more with people in wheel chairs or scooters.  This might be helpful for businesses too when they encounter a wheelchair.I wasn’t looking for anyone to do anything outlandish for me, but I was looking for common sense.

– Maybe hold the door open and extra 5 seconds so I can get through.

– If you see me, try not to walk in front of me on purpose.

– It’s nice if you say “Hi.”

I really appreciated the people that didn’t ignore me. I hope you will say “Hi” and see if there is anything you can help with when your next customer enters with a scooter or wheelchair.


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