The Way a Pedicure Should Be Given.

I love getting pedicures.  I would even skip doing my hands, hair, and a few Starbucks to have enough money to get a pedicure.  I was always happy with the pedicures I received from various salons until I went to Arian Salon in Benicia. This is the way a pedicure should be given. In my last post I asked if you are giving your customers a “Ritz-Carlton Experience” and I believe Arian is giving that.

When I first arrive they always give me a warm welcome with my name.  I like how they are happy to see me.  After you pick your color you head to their relaxation room. The relaxation room is separate from the front desk area so you can’t hear people talking and coming in for their appointment. It’s a quiet room where you can have tea and cookies to wait until your technician calls you. (Is that the right name?).  As I sat in the quiet room I notice a special detail that I appreciate.  All the technicians wear soft shoes and talk quietly.  While they walk on the hard wood floors it’s only a light walking you hear.  Everything is done with the goal of you enjoying your relaxation experience.

Once they call your name you sit comfortably in your”Lazy-Boy” type chair.  You sink in the squooshyness.  You are offered a warm wrap for your neck and your feet are put in a bowl of warm water.  Now I used to think the bowl was not nearly as good as the whirlpool jet baths when I went to other salons,  but then I found out how Arian washes, cleans, and sterilizes each bowl after each use.  I could be wrong, but my gut says I’m sure the other salons with the whirlpool jets are not getting cleaned as well.  Cleanliness was another huge reason why I loved Arian.

The pedicure is amazing!!  I’ve had several different technicians there do my pedicure and they have all been great. They never rush you, they give you your files and pumice stone to take home, and it’s always looked fantastic.  I’ve never left there unhappy. Yes, I always want my massage longer but you can purchase a larger package with a longer massage.

I even had my eye brows waxed there and that was relaxing!  So dads, husbands, girlfriends, moms, and anyone else considering manicures and pedicures I highly recommend Arian.

Here are my top three reasons I will continue to be a customer of Arian’s:

– You are important to them and they are happy to see you.

– They give attention to details and create a spa experience.

– They are clean.

Hope you will check them out!


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