What is the Proper Etiquette?

On a road trip last weekend and we decided to stop at a Chinese food restaurant that was recommended by a friend.  My husband loves to order appetizers and he ordered the BBQ pork appetizer within minutes of sitting down.  It was placed in front of us and we quickly grabbed our forks to dive in, and as soon as it got close to my nose I realized something wasn’t right.  It smelled funny.  I still threw it in my mouth and just as my husband said, “Don’t eat it. I think the meat is rotten,” I swallowed it.  Yuck!  I didn’t want anymore and we weren’t sure how to bring it up to the waiter.

What do you do in that situation? What is the proper etiquette?  I thought my husband handled it beautifully.  He kindly called the waiter over and told him it smelled funny and he thought it was old meat (giving them the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t know).  The waiter offered to bring us something else but we declined and he removed it from our check. The waiter was kind and apologetic, but I do believe a part of awesome customer service is to provide outstanding products (food).

The next decision was should we stay to eat the lunch we ordered?  We did decide to stay because our meal was brought out within a few minutes.  We smelled our meal and didn’t notice a rotten odor so we decided to go ahead and eat. (I guess hunger took over common sense)

We never did get sick but all day we were wondering if we handled it correctly. Would you have handled it differently?


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